What is that sound?

After reading, and re-reading, the second chapter of Philippians with a deliberate mind and at a slow pace you have likely felt the weight of what is being said. The 30 verses land hard on our pride, selfishness, and lack of concern for others. Let’s be honest about it. Those unbecoming qualities exist in all of our lives. All of us.

Rich in meaning, fiercely pressing in on us, those 30 verses can alter your day, week, or life.

Rather than pecking out three or four hundred words about those 30 verses. Please review our working outline for the chapter, go back and read chapter two again, then ask yourself the questions at the end of this post:

The Outline:

Being like Christ requires:

  • Looking out for others – verses 1-11
  • Surrendering to God’s work in us – verses 12-16
  • Pouring ourselves out for Him and others – verses 17-30

The sound you are about to hear is your pride tripping, tumbling down a long flight of stairs, landing with a dull thud, and whimpering on the floor on a crumpled rug.

The Questions:

1. Do you really want to be like Christ? What are you willing to do to become more like Him? Are you ready for less TV, less social media, more quiet time reading the Bible, more time serving others, and more sacrifice for others? Take a moment, write down whatever comes to mind. Then, take some more time and ask God to show you what needs to decrease and what must increase for you to become more like His Son.

2. Are you actively struggling against God’s work in you or surrendering fully — by the way, partial surrender is well-camouflaged rebellion — to Him and His desires for you? Will you read His Word actively looking for ways to yield to Him and fight against self, self-sufficiency, and self-preservation?

3. How will you pour yourself out for someone else this week for Christ?

The 30 verses of Philippians chapter two and the questions they require are awaiting an answer. That sound you hear now is the text standing beside you, tapping it’s foot …

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