More haiku

Here are some more winter-related haiku, and a humorous one as a bonus:


faithful North Star,
unblinking guide watching
our daily spinning


Winter raindrops
on my face, the child inside
shivers, then laughs.


Sly bobcat…
silent as his
tracks in snow


the perfect


Though kind and pure,
unfair things always happen
to toilet paper


Here’s a medley of some of my winter-related haiku. They usually sprout in my mind as I roam about outdoors. ┬áLater, with a cup of hot tea close by, they are pondered and scribbled into my journal.


milk-faced moon,
sighing of cold wind,
hush me to sleep


pulsing above
a cold field of cornstalks…
whirlwind of blackbirds


the cold morning
sternly kept
its vow of silence.


rusted strand of barbs,
layered with ice:
silent, moaning fence.