What is the Bearded Acorn?

What is the Bearded Acorn?

It would be difficult to define, so let’s at least shoot for a description of this facial-hair-laced nut that roams about the blogosphere:

Bearded Acorn: \bird-ed ˈā-ˌkȯrn\, noun:

1) a blog that shares Bible truth, humor, satire, and an occasional haiku (no kidding).

2) an outdoorsy guy who gathers acorns with his three daughters and raises them into oaks.

3) all of the above, and a little more.

If you guessed “3,” you are correct!

The whole reason for this blog is to share thoughts: thoughts from the Bible, funny thoughts, practical thoughts from and for day-to-day living, and a few poetic thoughts every now and then.

Along the way you will find posts about serious truths and topics. As you know, wisdom and wit are good partners. So, I’ll try to fold some humor into the batter as we go along. It’s a dandy lubricant for soul-shaping and thought-honing.

Here’s my promise to you: the posts will seek to be even-handed (both encouraging and sparking hard thoughts fairly), clear-headed, dry-witted, and truth-girded.

Welcome to the Bearded Acorn, let the mosey begin.