Blueprints for a blessed life …

This chapter renders the architecture of a reliable life. As you read this chapter the blueprint unrolls and reveals that:

  • Verses 3-4: Wisdom plans, then builds; discernment maintains; and knowledge adorns the inner life of the soul. While the word portrait implies the building of a home, it also provides instruction and direction for building a life.


  • Verses 5-6: True strength is internal, it is powered by wisdom and honed on godly guidance. 


Memory verse alert: “for by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory.: Proverbs 24:6 

The last half of that verse is one to hold on to, especially if you are in the process of making life-effecting decisions.


  • Verse 10 – When we walk by faith in Christ we can stand firm, and grow stronger. When we walk by what we see, or trusting in ourselves, we shiver and shudder. Rightly so! When we move forward by faith our feet and nerves steady and stabilize.


  • Verse 27: Plan, work, save, and build. This is great financial and economic advice. Our culture teaches us to want, get, want more, and get more. That approach comes at more than a financial cost.


A  Wise Warning: Do not become slack in your stewardship!

Verses 30-34: The lazy lack and procrastinators are poor due to not planning, working, or caring. The are bad stewards of the gifts — abilities, opportunities, resources — that God has given them. When we become stagnant, ruin sneaks up on us.


We have seen four principles to apply and one warning to heed. They help us to build wisely, and eternally.

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