A heap of several things, and a hint of things to come …

Your journey through the Book of Proverbs will traverse interesting terrain as upcoming chapters swerve in new directions. The focus will shift from the attitude of the heart and mind to action. Along the way you will encounter intriguing images, satirical statements, and verses to memorize and pray through. On display will be varying descriptions of the differences in the way that the wise and foolish speak, work, and live. Make a mental note of those three categories, you will find stacks of examples of each of them.

Yesterday’s post focused on memorizing Bible verses. Proverbs chapter 11 is a perfect fitting room for slipping on some verses to wear out and about. A few suggested ones for you to consider committing to memory are verses 2 (humility), 13 (words/taming the tongue), 14 (wisdom), and 25 (possessions/giving).

As with chapter 10, I will not attempt to wrap all of the verses in chapter 11 around one theme. Instead, take it as it is: many principles with similar shades painting the same truths in different shapes. Think of it as one principle shown in its many hues. Repeatedly, the wise and unwise will be depicted by the way that they speak, work, relate to others, and live. Caution: you might be occasionally jolted  as God grabs your attention with a keen image. Often, the image will be somewhat odd, or even funny. Verse 22 fits that bill with God comparing a pretty woman who lacks discretion, or good sense, with swine with serious nose bling. Hilarious! He presses the point that beauty is internal (character and virtue) not external (appearance and adornments). Brace yourself. There are more of those images on the horizon. Key in on them. They are meant to arrest your attention. The many ways and word pictures God uses to reveal His wisdom are part of the beauty of the Proverbs.

As you sense the way that Solomon writes and communicates in the following chapters know that it is intentional. The book becomes more direct and down-to-earth. Enjoy the interesting images and pick out a verse each day to ponder and pray through. And, stay tuned, around the bend you will pick up a few pointers on how to pray through some Proverbs.

Glad that you have stuck around for 11 days. I am sure that God is meeting you in new ways in His Word. He delights to come near to you as you walk toward Him in His Word.

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