Why do we?

Why do we? Why did I…

“Why” is a word akin to a scalpel. It is sharp and necessary for the removal of hurtful or harmful things. Ask the question “why?” three times and you will begin to find a real answer. Many churches, and a legion of Christians, shrink back from this soul-slicing, motive-revealing word. Why?

The one word question of our day seems to be “how?”We love pragmatism. It gets results. It makes us feel like we are in control. It deceives. “How” should be the last question asked, not the first. The apostles erroneously asked Jesus  “how” several times. Jesus sighed each time, and then rebuked them. That same results-oriented blind spot resides in the church’s rear view mirror today. And it grows.

The truth is that theology drives methodology. It does so in a manner that is unavoidable and undeniable. A weak theology, or wrong-headed one, will drive a weak, wrong-headed life. A sound and deep theology will cultivate a sound, deep life.

I don’t recall Jesus ever saying to the apostles, “Guys, here is how church growth is done” or “here are the four keys to successful…” Paul was silent on this too, no doxological, steps to uber spiritual success, or weight loss. David didn’t pen any self-esteem based or do-it-yourself psalms. Solomon’s pithy Scriptural wisdom omits, “lean on the how-to, in it is success, yea, like results craved by church growth campaigns.”

Sadly, churches today chase any boomerang that is tossed into the air, and will ape most any method that seems to “work.” It will chase and mimic with even greater fervor when the method is advertised by a well known minister. What have we been reduced to? Just for the record, Christ and His Kingdom doesn’t need a marketing team, or a focus group, or celebrities, or carnival barkers. Just sayin’.

So, let pragmatism die a quick death and soon be forgotten. The church has poked its own eye enough with this pointy trinket. Let the church regain her soul, by returning to sound doctrine that sings from the pages of Scripture. Our believing, and thinking from it, will drive our doing.

So, the next time you ask “why did I?” Just know, that the roads of your actions were built by the machinery of your beliefs.

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he…”

Think more, strive and chase less.

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